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A friend recommended the manga to me and I loved it so much I went looking for the anime afterwards just to have some more Kimi ni Todoke until the next scanlation comes out. <.< It's the cutest thing. I love the characters so much. <3 The anime is lovely and I was particularly stricken by opening and ending sequences with their pretty, pretty art. So I screencapped them cause I wanted wallpapers. Problem is the video's resolution was 1280 x 720, just 80 pixels shy of the right resolution for my screen (and I couldn't manage a completely credits-free screenie however hard I tried). Obviously, I had to Photoshop them. These are just the original art, with recreated bits to make up for the missing 80 pixels (because stretching the images wouldn't do) and with the credits removed. I also upped the contrast for a couple. Nothing major. I'm thinking someone out there might like them or find some use for them.


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I made some LotR/Tolkien wallpapers and icons to match and thought to put them somewhere people might perhaps find them, since I think they're pretty. Please let me know if you like them or use them.

12 icons and 3 wallpapers here )


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