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A while ago I said that if anyone wrote a fic where Yōko Nakajima, Queen of Kei, goes to visit her dearest friend Rakushun in En (forgetting to arrange for proper accommodation, leading to her having to stay with him, and subsequently talking about life and politics while cuddling), I would love them forever. It looks like [livejournal.com profile] bookelfe  is the unfortunate recipient of my undying love, SINCE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE WROTE (and more).

It turns out that I really really really ship Yōko/Rakushun, and so it was that when Becca told me she was writing a fic for them, I decided I would like to steal her ideas illustrate it. She agreed to let me, and THIS ABSURDLY SHIPPY PICTURE HERE IS THE RESULT.

If that is in any way relevant to your interests, you should check out her fic, and then come back here for my picture. =D

Cuddling and politics, but mostly cuddling, really. )
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This post was part of 10 Reasons to Read The Twelve Kingdoms but it outgrew it and became something of a primer plus a review, I suppose. Expect TOO MUCH BABBLING, general incoherence and ALL THE LINKS.

So tell me more about this The Twelve Kingdoms thing?
The Twelve Kingdoms is a series of fantasy novels by Fuyumi Ono, and its anime adaptation. It’s a collection of tales centred around characters who inhabit a distinctly Chinese-inspired world in which there are twelve individual kingdoms. Rulers are appointed according to divine will, their importance to their real so crucial that if they rule badly or are absent, the kingdom is attacked by monstrous beasts and beset by natural disasters, in addition to being poorly administered. That's why it's so important for Keiki (the magical divine being in charge of choosing the king) to find the destined ruler of Kei. She so happens to be Yōko Nakajima, Ordinary Japanese High School Student, the protagonist of the first* book in the series!
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