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What? Don't look at me like that. I spent a night and a day angsting about proper titles and what if SOMEONE SEES IT and really, it's not that silly a picture, why should have it get a silly name, but alas, it's the only thing I could think of, and being that it was its working title since January, I figure, whatever. Also several people failed to convince me not to and instead ENCOURAGED ME to call it that. Gosh, you people. I blame Rawles and Kate Beaton.

So, here it is. Deryn and Alek being the ridiculous awkward teenagers in love that they are, with a pretty clouds backdrop, because I can. For those not in the know, which won't be many of you, they are characters from Scott Westerfeld's delightful WWI AU, Leviathan. Deryn, on the left, crossdresses to join the Air Service, and Aleksandar, on the right, is a runaway Austrian prince. Deryn proceeds to save everyone repeatedly, while Alek, for the most part, just stares at her admiringly and wonders about how amazing her swagger is and how much he wishes he was like 'Dylan'. SO YEP. (They need to kiss)

(As always, pretend I have a relevant icon. One of these days I'll really get an account. Meanwhile, eh. Also sorriest to those of you who've seen this already in more places than they'd like)
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WHAT DO YOU MEAN UPPER LIMIT? THERE IS NO UPPER LIMIT. I read Harry Potter 1-4 about 13 times between the ages of 7 and 12, I have lost count of the number of times I've watched Mulan, and I think I'm somewhere around 20 read-throughs with LotR! There are times, when I really like something, where I'll re-read it IMMEDIATELY or within the next few days, ans if I don't I'll surely re-read it eventually. Speaking of, haha. I have read Behemoth twice now and it's been a week or so. Gokusen I reread on the same weekend I first read it (all 15 volumes of it!), and I reread FMA before Ch. 108 (less than a month after original reading) and have reread parts of it sporadically, accidentally when looking for references for Fanart. By parts I mean whole volumes. There was also that time I watched all of Brotherhood as a recap in about 4 days. (Also trying to reread for feelingsalchemy, but I AM SO BEHIND OH GOSH).

On the other hand, I've noticed that if I can find fanworks for something I'm less likely to re-read, because there will be MORE THINGS. If there's no fandom, or nothing decent at all, or no friends to talk to, then it's just me and the book or manga or the movie, right?

When I was about 10 people always used to ask me why I reread things, since I already knew what was going to happen, and wasn't it boring to read the same story again and again? I remember telling them something about how it wasn't what it said exactly but how it was said, and I partly agree with little me! If a story is not told in a way I find pleasing, why would I want to re-read? Nevertheless, I have found that I do actually re-read for the story, too, it's just that my enjoyment of what I really like does not diminish the second, third or twentieth time! I always see small things I missed before, and knowing the story I can appreciate a lot more its nuances. There's also how different the reading experience can be depending on who you are at any given period of time. It's not the same reading The Lord of the Rings at eleven and seventeen.



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