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Posting this here now even though I put it on Tumblr weeks ago, because I'm really lazy and ought to have a trophy for Most Ridiculous Procrastinator!

I started this picture soon after reading about Sarasa and Shuri's tragic meeting as Tatara and the Red King, because even though I recognised that the drama was a little overwrought, it made me feel intensely. Sarasa has been with Shuri for months, relishing her meetings with him because they give her a respite from being the leader of revolutionary forces, and because they allow her to express herself as a girl and an individual separate from the prophecy, as she desperately wishes. Imagine her shock, her pain and her tangle of emotions when she finds out, in the middle of a decisive battle, that Shuri is the Red King, the very man responsible for her brother's death and the death of many of the people of her own village. She has sworn to get revenge and revenge is one of her main motivators. What is she to do when she finds out that this guy she hates in that way you can only hate an image or an idea is simultaneously the man she knows and loves?

For more about Basara and why should read it (read it, it's fantastic!), check out this Tumblr post.


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