May 25th, 2011

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This post was part of 10 Reasons to Read The Twelve Kingdoms but it outgrew it and became something of a primer plus a review, I suppose. Expect TOO MUCH BABBLING, general incoherence and ALL THE LINKS.

So tell me more about this The Twelve Kingdoms thing?
The Twelve Kingdoms is a series of fantasy novels by Fuyumi Ono, and its anime adaptation. It’s a collection of tales centred around characters who inhabit a distinctly Chinese-inspired world in which there are twelve individual kingdoms. Rulers are appointed according to divine will, their importance to their real so crucial that if they rule badly or are absent, the kingdom is attacked by monstrous beasts and beset by natural disasters, in addition to being poorly administered. That's why it's so important for Keiki (the magical divine being in charge of choosing the king) to find the destined ruler of Kei. She so happens to be Yōko Nakajima, Ordinary Japanese High School Student, the protagonist of the first* book in the series!
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Every time I get into something new lately it seems that I find myself in the very sad situation where almost nobody I know likes it and there is no fandom (or it's terrible or too small) and so I think to myself, Izzy, why don't you write a post recommending it to your friends. I rarely do that because I'm really lazy and usually by the time I would have gotten around to it I either find some other shiny thing to look at or I've babbled to everyone over IM so much that they end up watching/reading the thing regardless! Fortunately, I haven't lost interest yet and I have a free day and it seems that some of you f-listers could be interested, so here I come.

10 Reasons to Read The Twelve Kingdoms:

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